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Find The Best Route. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 25, 2013


Yesterday, we were wanting change within the relationships we encounter - today, we're analyzing what we need to do to achieve it.

The 7 is analyzing what we need to do. It could be a day whereby we're sitting online reading, researching, figuring out what others are doing, and finding the best route. The 7 is also the loner of Numerology, so don't expect one of those cuddly, fuzzy days - our brains are too busy.

With the holidays upon us, we tend to endure more stress than need be. And who do we take it out on? Each other. Relationships that aren't very solid tend to look worse than what they are. And instead of making it more simple, we many times expand our activities to escape the feelings, thereby adding to what already is.

What do you really need in order to make yourself comfortable? 6 is the number of nurturing and that includes yourself. If you're not sure, this is a good day for thinking and research. Go to the library or bookstore, or surf online - what can improve in your life in order to live a more peaceful lifestyle?