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Get Busy! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 9, 2013


Let's dig in! We had time yesterday to research some changes in jobs, finances, business, health, possessions, and home repair. Today, we make the choices.

What's staying in the area of the topics above? What's leaving? Those will be your choices. Are you happy where you're at? Is it time to move forward? Because even though tomorrow is Sunday, it'll be action day. Again, today we make the choices.

The 11 attitude number will ask us to envision the best path for ourselves. Are you doing what you love? It's time and it'll be addressed several times this month so that we're all given the opportunity to be where we want to be. And the 8 does not procrastinate.

Looking at consolidating/closing a financial account or stock options? This is a good vibration to address those accounts.

Fixing up your surroundings (not decorating, but fixing the broken things in your home) can also be a worthwhile task today. Me? I'm going to get the rest of my windows prepared for winter - getting "rid" of the cold air intake that's been coming in.

The message today? Get busy!