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How's It Working For You? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 5, 2013


This month, we'll experience back to back days of change throughout the weeks. The first will talk about our home and work. The second will address our family and community. The third will say "Wrap it up and get on with it!"

It appears that November, 2013 (like November, 2004), we'll all be addressing where we live and who we hang out with. By Thanksgiving (November 28th in the US), we'll have had a goodly dose of it. So, here we go.

One of the aspects the 4 represents is HOME. That place you want to return to each night with the keywords being "want to". It's that place of security and stability. If you are cringing at that description, the 5 will not help you see it differently.

5 represents freedom, setting a situation loose. Yes, it's a very compassionate number, but it's not a doormat, a victim, or a martyr. 

This is a good vibration 

  • To question if this is the city, state, county, country we wish to live in
  • To put a house up for sale
  • To look for a new house or dwelling
  • To reconsider what one does for a living
  • To reconsider the major we've chosen if we're in college

Today, look around you as you sit having your morning beverage. Is this where you want to sit? If you're saying "No" but feel that you can not do anything about it at present, something needs to change within you (not someone else) in order to accept it and make it better. What will that be? 

Remember, change does not always have to be immediate. The thoughts you have today can manifest your life in the near future.