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Off The Wall Vs Visualization. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 21, 2013


I've been warned about today by the astrologers. It's a Uranus/Pluto, full moon thing.

And in the world of Numerology, it can be a little off the wall as well - if you allow it.

3/5 - the two party vibrations of Numerology JUST really can't be bothered today with straight-laced, nose to the grindstone, discipline, seriousness.....It wants to go on vacation and play.

But then again, we have the 11 Master Number asking, "Whatever you want to accomplish in life, is it a reflection of your life's VISION?

Over your morning beverage, take a moment (because 3/5 isn't going to spend too much time on any type of project today) and decide what your vision IS for yourself. Perhaps you only wish to choose one aspect about it and that's fine as well. Got the one you want to see accomplished? Ok, now use that as your focus today. You have all day.

Focus on the end result of what you want. How does it make you feel? Send out your feelings to the Universe, allow it to cultivate and bounce back to you.

Can't take much time today for that? (3/5) Make a sign (3 would love that) and post it where you can see it. Every time you look at it, grab onto your most wonderful feelings about accomplishing it and then move on. You can do that all day as well. It's just a vision board type of day.