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Pursue Love. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 20, 2013


In deviating away from the typical blog (I'll get to the vibrations in a moment), one of the major questions I've been asked lately is 

"I keep seeing the same number over and over. Does it mean anything?"

If you commute to work or school five days a week, and you pass State Road 7 on a daily basis, I'm not so sure that counts. You're going to pass it whether you notice it or not. I'm talking about those random notices while you're in a store and a sale sign catches your eye, on a street you generally don't travel, on a clock as you glance up to see the time, or on a magazine page you're looking through while awaiting an appointment. 

Yes, they can be a message. There are those of us who believe that numbers hold a stronger vibration than letters. (Numerology changes letters into numbers). And even our technology today relies on numbers more than letters. Therefore, when the other side tries to grab our attention, numbers stand out.

In the days ahead, I'll address each of the numbers and how it may apply to you.

Today, we're looking at the 2/4/1 - first thing these three say to me when weaving them together

Go After (1) That Which You Love (2)

Whether people, places, jobs, or things, accept the gift and pursue it

Let me say one thing about "people". If it's a particular person you feel you love and that person does not feel the same, to pursue them would be harassment. But to pursue "love", to become "love", to embrace the gift and allow the Universe to bring a chosen one to you is perfectly acceptable. (And no, the Universe is not going to give you someone you don't want).