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Show of Abundance! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 23, 2013


We're still in the CHANGING month of November, 2013. We have several more days of looking at what we want before slipping into December.

So what is it about your security and stability that you want to change? Do you wish to bring more into your life and what can you do to begin or continue?

"Well, if I could just....."

No, no....what can you do right now? Some tiny little step that inspires you to go further?

Looking to start a savings account without feeling you have the funds to start?
Take all the coins in your purse or pockets, find a fantastic jar/vase in your home and throw it in there. Keep it on display and rejoice, even with a penny! Let the Universe know that you are ready to collect and save.

Find a penny on the street? Dr. Wayne Dyer recommended to pick it up and say enthusiastically, "Thank you for the this show of abundance!" and then be sure to place it in your jar when you get home and thank the Universe once again. (I also practice this ritual). It doesn't matter that you only have 1 penny, there will be more.

Whether it be funds, insurance, or addressing a more stable family situation, what can you do today? Though you can not change others, you can change yourself.