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The Step To Be Taken. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 10, 2013


We begin November's vibrations once again. If you didn't take advantage of this on the first, it's here to visit you again.

Beginnings - endings. Whatever you chose to let go of yesterday (or the beginning of the month), today's the day for action. I know it's a Sunday, but whatever goal you've decided upon, there is always something that can be accomplished today. It might be as simple as packing a few boxes, or going through a drawer or two. It's action.

Wondering if you're doing the right thing? Ask. The 9 is also the number of Old Wisdom - wisdom within oneself. Listen to what your heart is saying.

Our decisions may have been a lot more complex than cleaning out possessions, so it will be up to you what step you can take today. There's always a step to be taken.

What's your action step?