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There's My Bookstore! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 3, 2013


Communication is in the air and not just any type. With the Master Number of 11, we'll be envisioning for our highest and best good. Our words should reflect the same. 

  • I'm tired
  • I never get [_____]
  • I can't [_____]
  • I'll never see [_____]

So often we say things without even thinking. We don't realize that our words create our present and future. Today, we're asked to look at our words and change them around. 

  • I have more energy
  • I have [_____]
  • I am [_____]

Research positions, careers, relationships, and/or items as if they are already in your possession.

There are those corporate individuals that actually play a game each morning. Over the morning office coffee, they go around room and each one speaks aloud one phrase as if it has already occurred. 

  • I'm thrilled that I landed the Anderson account!
  • My new BMW has just arrived at the showroom!
  • I just returned from my honeymoon with the best partner that I could have imagined!

Today, what's your highest and best good? Say it outloud. Begin saying all of them outloud. And if you feel uncomfortable, go for a walk, find a secluded place and talk to the sky.

And mine?

There is a building right down here on the main road, close by the high school. Each time I go by I say out loud, "There's My Bookstore!" And I've also decided that will be the name of the store as well - it's an 8.