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Using the Delete Key. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 16, 2013


Exploring community. Analyzing. Re-evaluating. Diagnosing, Observing the behavior thereof. Using my blog for my own personal platform. But you then again, you can do the same with yours.

Though the 6 can be self-sacrificing, the 7 is not. The loner of Numerology doesn't mind the aloneness and in fact, welcomes it over the concept of being everybody's buddy. Compound that with 7s in one's Numerical Blueprint, and the delete key becomes really popular.

There's a lot of people that enjoy riding on the hard work of others which is more of a clinging aspect (6). As opposed to independence, starting their own blog, and spending the hours and months it takes to cultivate it (7), they place their agenda and advertising as responses to others' work. Wow!

Thus enters - the number 9 of the day. Wrapping up a cycle, a behavior, a person, place, or thing. The Delete Key.

We all have the ability to utilize it.