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Where's My Hammer? Your Numerology Vibrations for November 17, 2013


We're analyzing once again today. The topic?

What do we do for a job - inside or outside the home?

Generally, I address that which is outside the home and that will be the focus of many. If we're dissatisfied or wishing to move forward, there will be time spent in investigating new employment or starting one's own business.

For those working inside the home, we'll be reviewing the running of the household. If one has never assumed that responsibility, there are 1,000 things to be handled and not always enough hours in a day to accomplish it. Whether we are looking for better organization with possessions or with time management, this is the vibration that helps us discover "better ways."

The 8 also brings out attention to items that need to be fixed in the home. Sunday or not, many of us will be scurrying about with hammer, nails, screwdrivers and the like. If one lives in an 8 home, it will be even more apparent that repairs are calling us. A few hours may be just the ticket in keeping our surroundings in good form.