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You Are Not Alone. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 6, 2013


We talked about change of surroundings and work yesterday - today, it's change of family, in family, or community that we feel is particularly close to us. 

If you're happy with the people around you and they're happy with you, don't look for what doesn't exist. But change in family dynamics can also be 

  • Pregnancy
  • Marriage
  • Graduation
  • Family making a surprise visit
  • Health discoveries in family members
  • Anything to do with those that you're choosing to walk this life with that ultimately affects you as well
And though it's not a topic we enjoy, we do have to address those relationships that aren't working. November, 2013 will not be exactly the warmest month as we all address this issue. It will need to be looked at on a number of occasions, making this holiday season strained for some.

What we can say is that change is inevitable in this lifetime and though it is difficult to grasp at times, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes, we are asked to review the nurturing (or lack thereof) in our lives (6/5). Are the relationships that surround us working? Do our relationships provide what we need? Are we taking care of ourselves (because that is a relationship)? Compound this with the fact that 2013 is a 6 for the Earth. 

You are not alone on this vibrational ride. It affects us all.