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You WHAT?! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 15, 2013


"You WHAT?" Any time the 5 enters the picture, it's not a boring proposition. There is action to be taken.

The Numerology vibrations have us looking at family/community and dealing with the changes we wish to see within these structures. It doesn't necessarily have to be an "issue", but if there are some, we may be considering what we can do to make life more comfortable.

Perhaps we're wanting a change of who we live with, work with, or spend time with. If we received that "Mom? Guess What?" call yesterday, we may have to help sort it out today. It could also be an ongoing situation and when these vibrations come together, we revisit our concerns and know that eventually we're going to have to deal with it. No time like the present.

The 6/5 vibration can also bring about change in domestic practices and/or how we look at our living environment. It can be as complex as a home renovation or mundane as changing the curtains out in the kitchen. We might even get a bit creative this evening and cook something entirely different. (We do tend to get in a cooking rut, don't we?)

So whatever you feel needs to be addressed, have at it for the benefit of all. And then get the cookbooks out and go for the gusto this evening!