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And This Is Christmas? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 7, 2013


And this is Christmas? If you want to get an idea of the vibrations of December 25th, take a look at today. No, not necessarily the weather conditions, just the vibrations of the day.

7 is the loner, the observer, the researcher. But when there are double or multiple 7s, it hones onto it's ultimate description. The Spiritual Seeker. Before you get excited about all your family suddenly jumping on your spiritual path, realize that they will want to find a philosophy or spiritual journey of their own.

The double 7 brings to us such questions as

  • "Why am I here?" 
  • "What is my destiny in this life?" 
  • "Did I miss out on where I was supposed to accomplish?"
  • "What was I supposed to accomplish?"

It tends to occupy all of our thinking, sometimes to the point whereby we spend all day, month, or years searching for the answer. Thus, the loner quality arrives as we shed the companionship of those around us in hot pursuit of the truth.

But, as a double 7, there is no answer etched in stone or written across the sky. The only answer is "do you have faith?" Faith in something unseen? Faith in life itself? And will that faith carry you to the end of your days? Today, and several days this month (including Christmas Day), you'll be asked to take a review and see if it's working for you.

P. S. For those who have asked, yes. This was the same vibration as December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor).