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Arggghhh! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 4, 2013


Argggghhh! Our brains could be on overload today, if we don't give ourselves a break.

The two over-analyzers (4 & 7) team up today and there will be those who will "make mountains out of mole hills".

Lists abound as we HAVE to have it done a particular way. If a person is prone to this behavior already, it may just get a little intense as the 4 is also one of the pitbulls in the area of debate. It is best to walk away from confrontation and wait for another day for negotiations. (Of course, the other person may not see it this way).

For home-bodies, we may just wish to work on our house a little more. Though we may not be in the decorating mood (that's on Friday), repairs and winter/summer preparations will be high on the list. We feel we "need" that house just so as we forget that it's not the building that makes a home.

For those in business, we could really be working over the books. Fretting over money, even though we have no basis for it, is not unusual for the double 4. Remember, tomorrow (5) you're really not going to care WHAT those books say. If you have accounts to be balanced, and paperwork to catch up on, this is a good time for it. Just realize that others may not be on the same page at the same time. Deal with it on your own.

Can the double 4 have fun? Of course! At the end of the day, "close the door" on work and repairs, forget the repairs that can not be accomplished, and enjoy a little home entertainment or study of your favorite topic. Bring out the books, surf the web, and research something of relaxing interest.