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Bake Your Cookies! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 24, 2013


If they had been wise years ago, they would have made this Christmas Day. 6 is about family, community, nurturing, sharing, caring, color, and design. It's just a great "cookie baking" number.

The 25th, which will be double 7s this year, doesn't give a damn if you have cookies (which is probably a good reason all that is done ahead of time)!

But what happens when we have double 6s with that 9 in the center? We may think more about family and their issues than perhaps we should today. We may try to make things better than what they should be, not always with the desired results. And then feel "let's talk about it and solve these problems".

Psychological evaluations of your family and guests is probably not where you wish to go, so just let it be. Enjoy your time with others, bake those cookies, and leave the expectations at the door.