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Focus On The End Result. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 11, 2013


This is one of the rare days (besides the 22nd) this month where we will not have the true doubles in the equation.

If you want to see what the 11 is underneath, one only has to look at the attributes of the 2. And then realize that the 11 adds a bit more on top.

The 2 says it's a day of love, finding love, giving love, understanding, negotiations, mediation, and togetherness. The 11 says, "Are you doing it for your highest and best good?" Are you focusing your thoughts and daily daydreaming upon the ideal end result or upon the lack in your life? (If you focus on lack, you bring in more lack).

And then, we have that 5 in the center. Though it's not necessarily hindering us, it's not helping us either. In our pursuit of what we want, we may appear a little more frantic, desperate, and overall crazy. (And those are the keywords = may appear. It doesn't mean we are).

With the double 2 vibrations (and one in the disguise of an 11), we may become more emotional than usual. Tears, self-pity, empathy, and sympathy run higher and the ability to be a psychic sponge is great. Time to practice whatever ritual you utilize to stay connected to others, yet separate from their feelings.

Need answers to the questions you've been asking? Trust your gut feelings. 2 is like the High Priestess of Tarot (which is also on a 2 card, by the way).

Overall, focus on the positive end result you wish to create within your life.