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Get Out Your Post It Notes! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 31, 2013


Though each New Year's Eve begins with a 4/7 vibration, not every year's Life Path number is a 4. 2013 offers us a double 4 vibration.

4 can be a great debater and with multiple 4s, it can be a great squabbler. Of course, that won't happen as long as you see it their way. With the planets in their present alignments, these attitudes won't be difficult to achieve unless one chooses not to participate.

4/7/4 will also bring out brain overload. Everything is being analyzed to the hilt and with it being the last day of the year, many of us are reexamining 2013. Let it go. It's done. It's completed. It's time to move forward.

Should you wish to spend time analyzing, concentrate on what you wish to achieve in 2014. Keep it positive, lighthearted, and on goals that make you smile. Word has it from the Astrologers that whatever we concentrate upon over the next 24 hours will stick with us for the next 19 years (due to planetary alignment). So what would you like "sticking" around for the next 19 years.

I have my list made out and posted so that I can see it today. Let's see what happens!

May Each and Every One of you experience a most joyous and prosperous 2014!