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Grab Another Cup! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 30, 2013


Plans and events.

Some of us are still working; some of are are off work for the extended holiday. But with this vibration landing on a Monday, we've left Christmas behind and are now focused on tomorrow the end of the year.

3 is the number of the salesperson, communicator, and artist (whatever your artistry may be). We're tired of the emotions of yesterday and today, we want the restaurant, gatherings (even with 1 or 2), and just to have some fun.

We may even get creative with our chatting, using a cell phone, Skype, whatever it takes. Travel and GPS systems are not out of the question.

No matter the day of the week, try to have more fun today than you previously planned, for tomorrow our minds may be back on overload for the last day of the year.

Me? I'm looking forward to January 1st and a whole new year of vibrations!