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Here Comes The Parent - Your Numerology Vibrations for December 6, 2013


6 - the number of domesticity, family, friends, community, design, color, artist, and The Parent.

When 6 arrives, we expect that designers will have that added boost (jewelry, clothing, interior design, florists, etc.) and that those involved in "service to others" professions tend to work better. The caring attitude can increase during this time.

Those who work within their home get in the mood to paint rooms for the benefit of all, change the curtains, cook, bake, clean, sew, do laundry, etc. And today, we have it in doubles.

Hopefully, we will grasp onto the want and need for family and the bonds it creates. Yes, we want all the baked goodies and being Friday, it's ideal for Family Night! Make the most of it. Those who seek relationships will especially feel its pull. Focus on that which you want to draw and not the lack you have in your life.

However, the more 6s combined together, the more we are apt to also grasp onto the negatives that this number carries. (Each number has a positive and negative side). Multiple 6s can bring self-sacrifice to the point of being used by others. It also creates "The Parent!"

Today, we may find that The Parent comes out in global situations or just the people around you. You don't have to be their child. There will be someone (particularly if they have multiple 6s in their Numerical Blueprint) who will realize they need to whip us ALL into order. It will become their mission.

Don't take it personally - just have another cup of coffee/tea and say, "Uh huh." Keep going on with your day and realize that they're holding onto the "not so positive" side of 6. In fact, pour them a cup of coffee/tea as well. They might like that!