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Hum, Sing, Let It Be...Your Numerology Vibrations for December 18, 2013


On the 9th, we talked about how the double 9s could bring on "It Wasn't ME!", blameless aspects. But it also brings about clinging or dominating.

9 likes to keep their loved ones close to them. It's a creative, family number, even if the family has issues. With double or multiple 9s, the family member that hovers over the others could get to the point of imprisoning them - a major faux-pas with Life Paths that can't handle it (1, 5, & 7).

Just because one Life Path decides to rule everyone's life for a day, doesn't mean that everyone around them will comply. Thus, family issues may become something to deal with today as not everyone checks their behavior as the source of frustration (see Paragraph #1).

It's appears to be a good time to share coffee, smile, change the subject to one more pleasant, hum, sing, LISTEN, paint, play tunes, or enjoy the closeness that the holiday can bring. It's the simple things that matter.