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I Don't Want To Work - Your Numerology Vibrations for December 5, 2013


Oh yes - we're appearing to others as if its "work as usual", but we're dealing with two 5s today. What does that look like?

At the git-go, two different paths:

If there is ANYTHING you want to change about your life, it'll be sitting in front of you all day, waving its arms, and reminding you where you'd rather be. By this afternoon, it'll feel like a little critter that you'd like to stick in a desk drawer because what we'd like to change can't always be done THIS MINUTE, as the double 5 would appreciate.

Let's just say, impatience will be running high - even with ourselves.

The other side of the 5 is, it wishes it was Friday! We want the end of the work week NOW because we want to have FUN, and EXCITEMENT. We want to have a good time! But again, we can't have Friday yet because it's Thursday, the 5th. Double 5 doesn't wants it now.

OH, forget it...let's just dance! (It's a 5 thing to do...)