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It's All About Me. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 1, 2013


December, 2013 - we will now experience a month of doubles. Double love, double change, double arguments, double work, double caring, double you name it....

To start off the month -
oh baby, It's ALL about me!

And with the 4 in the middle of them, it's not necessarily the best day for negotiations. These two numbers are the "debaters" of Numerology. They argue until everyone understands that their point of view was the correct one.

It can all be summed up in what do we want to do today and if there are plans and projects that are important, that's where we're headed. Just don't be surprised if others aren't running to join you and assist. They have dreams of their own.

It will be best if you look to your own bucket list and revel in your accomplishments. Hone in on the energy and make it a good one!