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Laughter Is The Best Medicine - Your Numerology Vibrations for December 21, 2013


Today is a "friends having fun" day. We want to play, have fun, laugh, and play. Perfect for the holidays and on a Saturday! For those who do not have to work, it'll work out nicely.

But we're sitting with double 3s and the more 3s we combine, the more we can get a touch of the downside of the 3.

Like the child who is about to throw a tantrum, there will be those who will become moody, whiny, and lending to gossip. An overabundance of gossip doesn't do anyone any good, and wears one out by the end of the day.

Energy will be running high as people attempt to be 7 years old once again. Remember that you're not and enjoy a little down time as the day progresses.

All in all, have a good Saturday, enjoy the Season, and wind down with a few comedy DVDs (3s will like that). Today, laughter is the best medicine.