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Let's Make A New Tradition! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 23, 2013


This is the last of the double 5s for this month. Add it to the energy of the holiday, and it can really have people chomping at the bit for whatever change they hope will happen.

This change can center around wants for freedom, moving, excitement, stimulation, anything new - it's the kid in the candy store syndrome.

But it's also a vibration that can bring about extended periods of "acting out", if we're not careful. We may feel that we've just had it. Enough is enough.

Before you jump into a decision that you have not thought out (double 5s), try to get through to 2014 where your decision may change. This is the month of the double numbers and everything looks a little larger than life. If you still have the same feelings in January, chances are it is time for change.

So what can we do if things get a bit dicey today? 5 loves:

  • anything impromptu; invite the neighbors over for coffee/tea/dessert
  • action-packed movies DVDs (Terminator II, anyone?)
  • can't go to a movie? Do you know that for about $2.00, you can "rent" a movie on YouTube for 24 hours - watch it now on your computer as many times as you like in that time frame
  • Skype a friend for lunch/supper/conversation
  • get out the game boards - something fast and fun and interactive (Scrabble probably isn't the type, even though I enjoy it)
  • play dress up (seriously!). Go Steampunk for the day
  • if you're off work and have a houseful of folks, take a day trip. BETTER YET, let everyone take their own day trip, meet back at the house at 5pm and share your stories over pizza or another fun food

It's a day whereby new traditions can be created!