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Party! Party! Party! Your Numerology Vibrations for December 14, 2013


We're just not going to get a lot accomplished today, so don't worry about it. We want to enjoy ourselves, party, dance, travel, SHOP 'till we drop, and just overall have a good time. If you're shopping, watch the budget - the 5 will spend far beyond its means.

If you live in snow country, however, you'll have to bring your fun inside the home. Just turn up the tunes a little higher and enjoy yourself. Dance!

The other side of the double 5s is the ability to act out. And the holidays do not help. If we're wanting to be free from a situation, we may wish it doubly so today. Be sure that the freedom you seek isn't dependent on the stress of the holidays because they'll be over in a few short weeks. Don't make a permanent decision until the energy of this time of year calms down.

With the 8 in the middle, we may be taking out our frustrations on our jobs and/or financial situations when it doesn't really belong there at all. But if your job is a pill at the present time, you might just be overly frustrated about it today. Let the thoughts go and wrap it around something more enjoyable and fun. Get out the adventure or action packed flicks instead. Invite someone over. Go out to coffee. Laugh!