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Straight From The Heart. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 2, 2013



and with emphasis on our highest good

We're looking at relationships (personal, and/or business). Are they what you want? Should you be there? The 11 asks us to add the emphasis for your best good. 

With a double 2, we may even be more self-sacrificing than usual saying, "I have no choice." But we all have choices and we'll particularly feel it on Thursday, the 5th. The one phrase I hear most often is "it's more economical to just put up with it."

Emotions will run high, and that includes yourself. Be slow to respond or slow to respond if others emotions accelerate. There is an up side to being emotional - psychic ability, empathy, more intuition. Use your gut feelings to find your answers today. (This is a good time for divination readers and healers.)

Needing to spice up a personal relationship? Here you go! Take the initiative. Bake that heart-shaped cake today (it doesn't have to be February for hearts), bring home a bottle of wine, or purchase a lovely card. Better yet, write a note from the heart.

And if you're looking for a relationship, this is a good day to say, "What do I need?" and then "What do I want? Take some time alone to outline where you want to be at this time next year. And don't be afraid of cooking the heart-shaped cake for yourself today!