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The Answers Within. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 29, 2013


The last master number of 2013. It's the Master Visionary.

With the twos in this combination, it's time for reflection and asking questions within.

The 2 is also incredibly intuitive, so we're not only asking questions, we're waiting for answers. The answers come within - knowing without knowing why. It's time to trust our gut feelings and listen to what is without fear.

The challenge comes because the 2 is also emotional and with those emotions, we often time don't trust ourselves. But they are also needed because it's through feeling that we create.

Final decisions don't have to be made today, but this vibration occurring on a Sunday seems appropriate. How ever you honor Sunday in your life (even quiet time with a cup of coffee), feel safe in your reflections of now, of moving forward. With the 11 vibration, we are asked to reflect for our highest and best good.