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The Universe Is Conspiring...Again. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 20, 2013


Emotions - we're feeling whatever emotion is forefront in our minds.

But there is also a lesson in it as well. What's the lesson? The Master Visionary (11) is joining (2) to have us look at situations and circumstances in a different light or at least the "whys" associated with it.

Most often when we say that we are being asked to look at situations differently, we think we have to be accepting of them. No! We're being asked, how can we use it to our highest and best good. Even if it's the pits, what will we do differently next time? Will there be a next time? How will we change our perception of ourselves? How can we move forward?

2 - the number of Love - Looking for a relationship or to spice an existing one up? It starts with you. And with that, I will once again this week leave you with Paulo Coehlo's quote which will fit every wish in your life, including finding someone new. You only have to focus on the end result and not on the lack you are experiencing now.

"And, when you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." (Coehlo)