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This Room Is My Mistress - Your Numerology Vibrations for December 26, 2013


It may be the day after Christmas but we're thinking of finances today - everything from "I want to spend my Christmas money" to "How am I going to pay for all this?" to "Do I really want to do this for a job?"

With the double 8s today, the loveliness of the holiday may come to an end quickly. Attitudes can turn to being quite dictatorial, if allowed to get out of hand. And most of it may center around money which is never a good topic of discussion.

The 8's mistress is generally the office, so don't be surprised if people gravitate to their home offices today, leaving the celebrations behind. It'll be work as usual (or wishing it was) even if they're still on holiday (vacation).

Major decisions will be made today, for better or worse. If it affects many people, try to take the time to consider their feelings and wishes as well. This vibration doesn't generally include negotiations but we can try.

When all else fails, take time in silence to enjoy a topic of interest. If you can't fix it today, it's best not to fret about it.