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Why? Your Numerology Vibrations for December 22, 2013


We've reached the 22nd of the month. The Master Teacher. Today, we are students and teachers.

This is an analytical day whereby we're wondering about a lot of things in our lives. So along with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, our minds now go on overload unless we slow down.

  • What was the lesson?
  • Why did I accept this challenge?
  • Would I do it again?
  • How could I have done it better?
  • Why is this person in my life?
And if you are surrounded by family/friends for the next several days (who generally aren't there all year), this is a time whereby "debates" could run rampant. 
  • Why are you doing it that way?
  • Where did you get that idea?
  • When are you going to fix it?
All those questions that push the buttons.

With the well-rounded number of 4 surrounding us, we'll be asking these questions regarding home, work, relationships, family, and schooling. What will we not question?

Both the 4 and 7 love to study, so there may also be a lot of time spent online surfing for answers and "how to" articles. And the 7 will walk in and say, "I'd really like to surf in silence - thank you very much."

If your brain goes on overload, or the answers don't appear to come as quickly as the 4 & 7 would like, take a walk in nature - no matter the weather. Perhaps, you'll only be able to stand on the porch for a moment and breathe - good enough.