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Yakkity, Yak - Your Numerology Vibrations for December 3, 2013


Yakkity, Yak...Don't talk back! (Leiber - Stoller, 1958)

We're not just talking a little bit; we want to talk a lot. And it may just take us right into gossiping, if we don't get carried away. 

Why? Because the number 3 is also the number of the child. With double 3s, we tend to lean towards the attitude and behavior of the child which can take us into tantrums and sulking as well. However, we will talk about it while sitting in our corner.

Artists of all types will enjoy this vibration, but it may also stir up the artist's soul/heart, which is a tender one. It will depend on the project they are working on as to whether they will complete their project today. Their ability to empathize may overtake them and working on family/social issues may become more important. 

Business owners should really like this vibration as it's right up the salesman's alley. But where is the fine line between a good sale and brow-beating? Keep remembering how you would like to be treated as a customer.

Reaching for the positive, we can have a great time with laughter, playfulness, comedy DVDs, junk food, and shopping. (3, like 5, will shop till they drop. If you're a 5 and you're on a budget - REFRAIN!) Find balance in your life this Tuesday and if things get over the top, take a few moments, get out your coloring crayons, and ENJOY!