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You're On Your Own Today. Your Numerology Vibrations for December 10, 2013


And our 9 day cycle begins once again. Like the first of the month, we're looking at projects, goals and individual pursuits. Togetherness is not a strong point at this time.

Take this Tuesday to accomplish anything that you've set your mind to doing. The 1 is the leader, the CEO, and the independent worker. It believes in doing it themselves if they want it done correctly. Hone in on the vibration and go after the chores, errands, and/or projects you have set for yourself.

If you believe you'll call in the worker bees to do it for you, you may be quite disappointed. With the double 1 (and that 4 in the middle), words and tempers could flare. Best to accomplish your goals by yourself and not expect anyone to do it for you. There will be time for that tomorrow.

Today - you're on your own. SHINE!