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Arguing or Conversation? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 31, 2014


Several ways to go on this one!

Truthfully, it's a good vibration to work with customers, if you'll listen more than speak. People are apt to speak rather than listen to what others are saying under this combo but customers love to be listened to. You never know what you'll learn by stepping back and allowing someone else to take center stage.

It's a time of working on our networking tools to gather new customers, which may include our speech, our brochures, our business cards - whatever we use.

It can also be a day of arguing with the 4 (which believes it's always correct) teaming up with the chatty 3 (which can also lend to gossip). Is it worth it?

All in all - watch the words, give others a chance, look for the creative - enjoy yourself!

Shout It From The Roof Top! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 30, 2014

Though not February, it's time to begin that 2014 goal. Simple, complex - it's your choice of goal(s). It's what you wish to see happen. And with the 11 in a dominant spot, we'll be asked to make sure it's for our highest and best good.

So today, we will announce it to the world, to someone, outside, in a meeting, over the phone - somewhere. If it's of a sensitive nature, I'd just tell the sky. Yes, the sky. It listens.

But if you're starting a new business or career (or wishing to), let everyone know. Start your advertising and networking now. And remember the lesson of the great "I AM...." which always adds a powerful punch to kick starting your goal. (I AM working as a radio personality; I AM in a relationship with a my life partner; I AM [fill in the blank]).

Like you, I also have goals for 2014, so I'm going to grab my cup of coffee, stand in the middle of the living room and just remind the Universe that I'm still on trac…

Get To Work! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 29, 2014

With a month of review for 2014 almost behind us, we now have a pretty clear idea what we want and don't want for this new year.

Today, with an 11/1 combo, we'll hone these goals and dreams for our highest and best use. And these are goals for ourselves, personally.

With all those 1s, it's a selfish vibration - but selfish in a good way. Everyone must make their goal decisions their own and not expect that anyone else is going to do the work for you.

Another attribute of the 1 is that it has to take action towards these dreams on their own. No matter how many people live with you, you have to create your goals yourself.

Strive for the highest and best good. Envisioning and focus are your strong points today. Write it down if need be. It's time to begin taking action!

The Sky Is The Limit. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 28, 2014

Let it go; bring it on! And is it for your highest and best good? That will be your focus today and tomorrow.

With this combination, there is no theme or focus of what you'll leave behind for 2014 and what you'll wish to go towards. It will be up to you! Business, relationships, investments, moving homes or jobs....the sky is the limit.

The one thing you can be assured of is that we will have back to back days of this vibration (today and tomorrow). So focus in on your number one goal for this year. Realize that change and things left behind are not failures - merely stepping stones on your way to creating the ideal situation for you.

Apply Within! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 27, 2014

We analyzed many things yesterday including what we do for a living. Perhaps we even assessed our finances and what we wished to see in our accounts.

Today, we'll take that last hard look for January at what we do for a living. Over the next two days, we'll be debating to stay or leave. And if we choose to stay in a position that poses challenges, how we tolerate it will become important.

Perhaps we'll rid ourselves of a particular practice that brings challenge to our daily routine. Perhaps we have the option of changing offices to shed ourselves of a few employees that make our day negative. Or we'll decide to do the difficult things first in the morning, so that the majority of our day is spent on the easier tasks. What can you do to make lemons into lemonade?

For those that can move on, it's a great day for spicing up the resume or even taking a walk down the avenues. So many businesses have returned to the "Apply Within" signs in the front win…

There Are No Free Lunches. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 26, 2014

The student and researcher continues to come out in us as we look into the various topics the 8 has to offer:

business/financeinvestmentsbetter ways of livinghealth and beautybig ticket decorations/appliances
And what better way to spend a Sunday morning, if you're an early riser. You can find a myriad of advertisements on your favorite social networks willing to part you and your money for the advice others have to offer.

Some of these will be of interest but the 7 says, "Before you jump, have your ducks in a row. Check it out and don't trust the get rich quick schemes."

8 is a number of working hard for the money and sometimes learning the hard way.

Though a Numerology challenge to each other, they can make a good team when playing it safe. Enjoy your research!

Do I Really Want To Work With You? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 25, 2014

Yesterday, we were considering changing our present relationships. Today, we're analyzing just how to do it. 
Relationships don't always have to be the personal one on one type. It could be a family member not living with us or even a colleague. It could be the neighbor next door, or your supervisor at work. 
Today, however, we'll be analyzing (and coming to some conclusions) just how we wish to put into practice what we've been contemplating over the past few days. There is nothing in this mix that says it's a negative; it could well be a positive!
With the 8 in the midst of it all, we might be looking at our work mates/supervisor first and wondering if we'd like to continue with this group. Or, how can we make our working situation better? 
The wheels continue to go round as we decide who we'll be progressing with through 2014.

He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 24, 2014

On our second day of "Changes", we look at those who surround us. Are we living with people, are we living alone, or are we "living alone with others?" And more importantly, do we want our status to change?

In this month of reflection, we are taking a hard look at where we wish to be with people, places, and things. Today, those we share our lives with are under the scrutinizing eye.

If it's true change that we want, we alone have to decide the end result and the change begins with us. If living alone, do we wish to have a companion, or a spouse? Are we satisfied with our status?

If we live with others and the road is incredibly bumpy, will conversation and/or counseling be the ticket for improving the relationships?

If there is no possibility of change within a relationship unit, we choose whether to accept our lot in life or move forward. And if we accept "what is", than we have to find more happiness and value within and not from outside so…

Do I Need To Be Here For This? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 23, 2014


It's...the changes. We're visiting the "back to back days" for the last time this month that centers on all we are and the relationships we have.

We are being given the gift of review. And today, we look once again at home and business. Is it what we want? Or have we settled? If the latter, we have decisions to make.

Someone asked me one time, "Is it OK to settle?" Yes, it can be IF you can come to an understanding with it and turn a negative into a positive. Can you take time to look upon the situation, understand that this is what you've chosen, and then do it to the best of your ability?

This also goes for your home as the number 4 is also about your residence and all those who reside within it.

If it's impossible to conceive, over the next two days you'll be given the vibrations that say, "What do you wish to do about it?" and "How will you change to accommodate it?"

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires …

Put It Into Action! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 22, 2014

Artists! It's another go around but with a bit of a twist.

Yesterday, we had the 11 motivating us to be the best that we could be. But today, in walks the Master Teacher surrounded by all its intuitive skills.

It is said that the 11 thinks up the ideas, but the 22 is the one that will take those plans and put them into action.

The 11 is in the background while the 22 gets onstage. Again, action is the keyword.

What were you designing yesterday? What were you creating? Continue the project but know that you may change it. You might even throw it out and start over because your gut feeling tells you to take a new tack. Trust your gut feelings today.

On days whereby the 22 is predominate, we may be the student, or we may be the teacher. And in most cases, we'll find we share both positions.

Be The Artist! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 21, 2014


We'll have one more day this month of this vibration, so enjoy both of them!

3 - it's a good time for communication, particularly around the work place, but that's not all.

3 is the artist, the actor, the painter, sculpture, photographer, director, producer - anything to do with artistic pursuits. And if any of our jobs at work, or work itself, requires an artistic side, this is a good day for it.

Not only that, but we're taking the 11 and adding an extra umph to our entire outlook on our creations.

The Master Number 11 looks to motivate and encourage one to be the best that they can be. In all pursuits, what is the best for you? Who will be the recipient and how will they view it? What are we trying to bring out for our audiences?

And with this vibration, allow the mind to wander and think of all types of scenarios surrounding your work/play because somewhere in there is another tidbit of creative genius.

Go for the gusto and enjoy the art of creativity!

Negotiations and Our Hearts. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 20, 2014

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Keep that in mind as you go through your day.
We may be focusing on what we love today (whether it's people/places/things), but another thing I don't always address is the 2 when it comes to intuition.
The number 2 is very intuitive, trusting on their feelings (or so they should). This helps in their ability to be negotiators and mediators. (Think of Henry Kissinger who was a Life Path 2). 
And though we probably all won't be doing heavy negotiations today, it could be a good day to have a conversation (3) with someone whereby compromise will be the end result (and no, not just compromise on their part). 
Today, trust in your gut feelings when it comes to anything you wish to achieve. What are you feeling inside regarding the situation? There is probably a lot of truth to it. 
There's nothing mystical/magical to feeling the answers within. Most of us have been taught to only trust what we can see. Learn to trust and create what you can feel.
If y…

I Am The Master Of My Fate. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 19, 2014

Such a productive combo! It's about beginnings (1) and endings (9) for our best good (11).

We can grasp onto the 1's above and realize that motivation and determination is ours for everything we want to accomplish today. We may not see the end result today, but we can certainly set the stage.

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul(Henley, "Invictus", 1875) You are not a victim of your world (Braden, 2007)
Let's address "Endings." So often, when I write the word "endings", people believe that those things we value and prize will come to an end. No. If it's something you wish to keep within your life, it remains. And that also goes for habits, emotions, difficulties -  anything we find value in.

"But I don't value difficulty!" 
Every habit, emotion, and difficulty we keep in our lives has a payoff to us. It's there for a personal reason, and many times we hide behind the statement, "it's my le…

I Want To Downscale! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 18, 2014

It's that time again whereby we look upon what we do for a living and decide to keep it or move on. We'll have another day this month to review it as well.

It could also mean that we're using our finances/bank accounts for something valuable or an investment that we're hoping will pay off in the long run. Perhaps we're using monies saved to pay off overdue bills. This would also be appropriate under the 9/8 combo. Getting rid of the debt we no longer want or need.

Another option some of us may consider is consolidating what we owe or living a life style of easier requirements. For some, they may discover bigger is not better and make the decision to downscale - not because they couldn't afford it, but due to wanting an easier management schedule.

Whatever the case, we're continuing to look at how we live on the planet and what it's costing us.

Help Wanted! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 17, 2014

We're half way through a month of analyzing and refocusing on our future plans and goals. "Why do we do anything in life?", we're asking ourselves.

Today, we're taking another look at business and/or health. Whichever is more important at the moment will be in the forefront of our minds.

It's not so much that we're wondering why we work at the job we do, but we'll want to web surf, read the newspaper, and watch for store signs announcing that a company is hiring. Surely, there's a better way and we want to find it! It may also bring us to the concept of self-employment in which case, the 7 will have you becoming a real Sherlock Holmes.

If it's health issues, we may be surfing the web to figure out how to solve a particular dietary need or problem we're experiencing. After all, without our health, our business life suffers. They really do go hand in hand.

8 is a number of action, so when the detective 7 helps you find a solution, 8 i…

How Is It Benefiting Me? Your Numerology Vibration for January 16, 2014

Together - Alone - Together - Alone
What do I want today?

The analyzing, isolated 7 is looking hard at the 6 who wishes to be surrounded by family and friends. Perhaps this is a day we'll be looking at the vibrations of yesterday, particularly if there are relationships we're wondering about.

The time we spend by ourselves may have us analyzing overtime about where we're headed in any type of relationship, whether it's personal or business. How is it benefiting us? Or is it? How could it be changed for the better or can it?

In fact, the 7 could have us rethinking and revisiting every relationship we ever had as the wheels really begin to spin.

If it gets to be a bit too busy in the thinking department, give it a rest and do something that would absolutely be a 6 - cook, bake, sew, work on a hobby, read of topic of interest (preferably not a relationships book), go out to coffee and/or have a chat with a friend. Perhaps watch a movie that's lighthearted and no…

Nurturing Oneself. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 15, 2014

With two days of back to back 5s, the pull to change is particularly strong.

Today's vibration has us looking at family and domestic pursuits. Perhaps, we're even looking at the way we are nurtured.

6 is the number of design, family, community, and the need/want to nurture and be nurtured.

If our needs are not met, we tend to pull back, feel neglected, and with the 5 in a strong category, we may even throw our hands up in the air. One of the keys to life is to learn to give to yourself what you can not find outside of yourself. And then the more challenging aspect of it is to accept it as valuable.

Appreciate the nurturing moments you give/receive today. Begin learning to provide those moments for yourself if they are not offered. And if it's more of a challenge than you wish, you'll have time to analyze it tomorrow for answers.

What's Your Message? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 13, 2014

As this lands on a Monday, the first combo that appears to me is communication and business. Perhaps we're returning to work with a whole new set of ideas and plans. This is the day we want to share it with others.

Those in the field of self-employment may find the same feeling in the area of networking and advertising. This is a good vibration if you need to get your message out there to others and come up with an advertising scheme.

Employees in the Advertising business particularly love this vibration to stay on top of their game.

Or perhaps you're in the midst of opening your own business. The doors don't have to be open yet for you to begin advertising and networking with others.

What's your message? It's time to send it out to the Universe!

We Can Do It! Your #Numerology Vibrations for January 11, 2014


Unlike the 2nd of the month, we're looking at a 2 that's taking on the attributes of the Master Number 11. That's to our advantage - not because of what we can obtain freely, but to motivate us towards what we wish to accomplish (1).

The 11 wants the best for us that we can achieve. And with all those 1s in the equation, we're acquiring a little more umph to move towards our goals.

Today is a day of action
If we opt not to accept it, nothing happens. If we choose to accept it, we're that much closer to our dreams.

What can you do to move towards one of your goals? Grab a piece of paper and pen and write down steps you might have to take to get to your ideal goal.

Which step can you accomplish today?
Make it realistic, but wishing & hoping will not be one of them. This is a day of action.

Make it Happen!

You Can Make It Happen! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 10, 2014

If you've been doing some soul searching over the past few days and coming to a conclusion surrounding mainly business and finance (or things affected by business/finance), don't be surprised if you finally make some heavy-duty decisions today.

In fact, you'll be given several opportunities this month but that doesn't mean you have to procrastinate.

When the 1s appear in our numbers, it's time to begin doing something about it. Both 9 and 1 are action numbers, with 1 taking the lead. 9 encourages us to rid ourselves of people, places, and things we no longer need and 1 says, "And what do I wish to accomplish?" Then, it gets out of the chair and begins to create it.

So, what do you wish to leave behind and begin creating? There's no time like the present!

Retirement? New Business? Same Old? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 9, 2014


We're going to get a number of opportunities this month to review our career and/or financial statuses. Anytime the 8 becomes a major player, it will surrounded either by the 7 or 9, making us step back and ask, "Is this what I want? Perhaps I should be looking at or beginning something else."

Today, we're doing just that again as the 9 asks us to either continue or change the present situation. Perhaps we can't just jump at the idea this moment and walk out, but we can certainly research and prepare for job seeking.

This is also a vibration whereby we're asked if we wish to join the job market. Are we happy with our present financial situation? What can we do to bring in more income?

Or do we have enough? Can we now retire? Are we at a place where we can begin to make retirement plans?

It can be a pleasant enough vibration, but the bottom line is what do you want? Tomorrow, it's going to offer you the vibration of focusing upon it.

Because I Deserve It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 8, 2014


This combo is what I call the heavy hitters of Numerology. They don't predict negativity, or trials and tribulations. They're business and self-reflection. They look within as opposed to outside. And they ask the big questions.

We'll have a few of these this month (8th, 17th, & 26th). And with 8 and 7 being the key players, we'll be asked to review

what we do for a livinghow we invest our incomewhat we spend our money onhow is our healthwhat do we eatand how do we reward ourselves? 

Like that last one? How do we reward ourselves? Let's talk about this one this week.

After having a cleaning business for years and years, let me look at a person's home and possessions and I can tell you how they feel about themselves.

You don't have to spend the income of Donald Trump to show concern for your personal welfare. You can shop at the local second-hand stores or garage sales and still reflect that you care about you. And more does not mean you really care.…

Be Your Brother's Keeper - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 7, 2014

In lieu of writing a blog today, I'm urging everyone to ignore the isolating vibration of the 7 and lean towards the community vibration of the 6 (we have both today).

With the severe temps & severe weather that many of us are experiencing around the world, it's time to band together.

So often when things get rough, we get together within our own families to tough it out. Well, there are a TON of folks who have no family. No, they're not all homeless. They may live next door to you. You just don't know them.

Today - call a neighbor just to see if they're ok. Knock on their door. Introduce yourself. Just ask. It takes 1 minute.

If they're in need, invite them over. You never know. You may make a new friend. And even if they decline, they know that someone cared.

I can't offer better vibrations than that.

Make It A "Colorful" Day - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2014

We're still in the mood for change. Yesterday, it was with our houses. Today, it's with the family or surroundings we have within our homes.

Some will be looking around their homes and want new colors, new designs, new fabrics - it's a time when the interior designer comes out. New themes come out as we use our imagination and if you're in the winter portion of the world, you'll probably tuck it away for Spring.

For others, it'll be about family dynamics. Depending on what has been occurring recently, today may take it up another notch. If you're in a part of the world whereby weather conditions are a challenge, this is not the time for acting out and making it that much more difficult. It's a time of banding together and not apart.

Today, if you have a choice, think color! Think design! And allow the rest to just be...

Is It Time To Move? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2014

There's a change in the air and for most of us in the US it's centering around the home. The most obvious, the weather forecast over the next few days which will send millions of us to the stores today, making it a major shopping day in preparation. Stores will love it.

But not everyone is in a portion of the world where weather will be the "changing" factor. Change in the home can become quite normal for all of us today. With the attitude of the 6, it will most likely center around family or we'll be convinced that we're doing it "for the sake of the family." 

DIY projects could be high on your list this morning - what do you need to repair?

Perhaps you're considering selling your home or looking for another place to live. Though Sunday isn't the typical day for these transactions, a definite decision could be made today. Real Estate brochures/magazines are typically available for window shopping and online real estate sites may be busie…

Accomplishments! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 4, 2014

Considered a challenge in Numerology, I actually like this combo. A little work, a little fun, or a melding of the two (if you love what you do).

A business/home number meets communication and for that, we can make it what we wish in both areas. Those working at a job today may discover that stories abound with coworkers and/or customers, sales may increase (if the right words are chosen), and production will most likely be up (if we keep the playfulness in our lives).

Those who have the day off or work within their homes, may discover that DIY projects are on their list, or taking care of the home in general. Organization, cleaning, small repairs, and overall enjoyment of one's house is in the daily forecast. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this will come a bit easier as the temperatures continue to drop.

I had someone ask one time, what if my home is not a place of comfort due to relationship issues? This is a vibration whereby we can work at it. If it's worth s…

Screaming & Yelling - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 3, 2014

The first Master Number of the new year.

Communication - Networking - Artistry

The artist may come out in all of us today as we look at how we network with the world. Whether it's what we wear, our business cards or brochures, our verbal skills can really help us along today (11). 

Our focus should be on our highest and best good (11). Choose the interactions that will promote you towards your goals. Listen more than speak, when appropriate.

For those not in the business world, who do you need to have a conversation with? Perhaps it's a fun talk; perhaps it's a serious talk. 

Screaming & yelling is never a constructive interaction, whether we are the screamer or the other person taking on that role. But with the 11 vibration, we have the option of placing our focus on the highest and best good for ourselves and the other individual.

Do What You Love - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 2, 2014


When it comes to love, or the things we love, it could be a bit of a "my way or the highway" attitude depending on the other numbers in your numerical blueprint. Watch your words and think twice before laying down an ultimatum.

If you're looking for a relationship, set your intentions this morning! The energy of the New Moon is still out there and it won't hurt to say, "I AM in a relationship with [fill in the blanks of the type of person you're looking for]. 

But if your mind is set on goals and dreams for 2014, you're all set. This is a great vibration to produce or create "something you love". It's not a mediocre plan; it's a goal you've been looking at for some time. It makes you giddy and you've wanted to see it come to fruition. 

How can you accomplish it? You may have to ask yourself that question this morning and trust your gut feelings. There's more than the usual intuition swirling about today. 

Remember, you don…

It's A New Year - What Will You Create? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 1, 2014


I can't tell you how I spent New Year's 2005, but we're repeating those vibrations (not necessarily the identical scenarios or the exact results). You may not remember anything spectacular for that year, but it was a year of impact for me. I'll be watching to see what I've learned over the past 9 years.

With the 1/9 combination, we're celebrating New Years 2014 with an ending (9) and a beginning (1) vibration. What an appropriate combination for the start of a New Year!

I, for one, have never liked rehashing the New Year by rereading where all we have been. I was there; I don't need to reread it. But I do very much identify with the 1 vibration that gives us determination, motivation, goals, dreams, and a push to move forward. 

As a person now stepping into a 5 personal year of change, I will be celebrating that feature today by focusing on the things I want to happen. What will you focus on today?

The Astrologers tell me that whatever we feel and focus u…