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Accomplishments! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 4, 2014


Considered a challenge in Numerology, I actually like this combo. A little work, a little fun, or a melding of the two (if you love what you do).

A business/home number meets communication and for that, we can make it what we wish in both areas. Those working at a job today may discover that stories abound with coworkers and/or customers, sales may increase (if the right words are chosen), and production will most likely be up (if we keep the playfulness in our lives).

Those who have the day off or work within their homes, may discover that DIY projects are on their list, or taking care of the home in general. Organization, cleaning, small repairs, and overall enjoyment of one's house is in the daily forecast. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this will come a bit easier as the temperatures continue to drop.

I had someone ask one time, what if my home is not a place of comfort due to relationship issues? This is a vibration whereby we can work at it. If it's worth salvaging, what changes can you make today to put those around you at ease? Cooking? Comedy DVDs (3 would like that)? Gentle conversations over coffee? A compliment or two?

Perhaps it's time to have a spot of your own in the home whereby you find ease. Have an extra corner that you can transform into a den or home office? An extra bedroom that can be turned into a craft/hobby room? If that's your decision, make it fun. 3 loves to play! And play is good for the soul.

All in all, it can be a very good day of accomplishment and rest if we provide ourselves with balance.