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Apply Within! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 27, 2014


We analyzed many things yesterday including what we do for a living. Perhaps we even assessed our finances and what we wished to see in our accounts.

Today, we'll take that last hard look for January at what we do for a living. Over the next two days, we'll be debating to stay or leave. And if we choose to stay in a position that poses challenges, how we tolerate it will become important.

Perhaps we'll rid ourselves of a particular practice that brings challenge to our daily routine. Perhaps we have the option of changing offices to shed ourselves of a few employees that make our day negative. Or we'll decide to do the difficult things first in the morning, so that the majority of our day is spent on the easier tasks. What can you do to make lemons into lemonade?

For those that can move on, it's a great day for spicing up the resume or even taking a walk down the avenues. So many businesses have returned to the "Apply Within" signs in the front window. Look your best (8 likes that) and apply within! 

If you're spicing up the resume, never underestimate that particular move. You're beginning to take action, telling the Universe, "HEY! It's time. Let's move it along."

All in all, it's been a month of review. Take advantage of the opportunities.