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Arguing or Conversation? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 31, 2014


Several ways to go on this one!

Truthfully, it's a good vibration to work with customers, if you'll listen more than speak. People are apt to speak rather than listen to what others are saying under this combo but customers love to be listened to. You never know what you'll learn by stepping back and allowing someone else to take center stage.

It's a time of working on our networking tools to gather new customers, which may include our speech, our brochures, our business cards - whatever we use.

It can also be a day of arguing with the 4 (which believes it's always correct) teaming up with the chatty 3 (which can also lend to gossip). Is it worth it?

All in all - watch the words, give others a chance, look for the creative - enjoy yourself!