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Be The Artist! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 21, 2014


We'll have one more day this month of this vibration, so enjoy both of them!

3 - it's a good time for communication, particularly around the work place, but that's not all.

3 is the artist, the actor, the painter, sculpture, photographer, director, producer - anything to do with artistic pursuits. And if any of our jobs at work, or work itself, requires an artistic side, this is a good day for it.

Not only that, but we're taking the 11 and adding an extra umph to our entire outlook on our creations.

The Master Number 11 looks to motivate and encourage one to be the best that they can be. In all pursuits, what is the best for you? Who will be the recipient and how will they view it? What are we trying to bring out for our audiences?

And with this vibration, allow the mind to wander and think of all types of scenarios surrounding your work/play because somewhere in there is another tidbit of creative genius.

Go for the gusto and enjoy the art of creativity!