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Be Your Brother's Keeper - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 7, 2014

In lieu of writing a blog today, I'm urging everyone to ignore the isolating vibration of the 7 and lean towards the community vibration of the 6 (we have both today).

With the severe temps & severe weather that many of us are experiencing around the world, it's time to band together.

So often when things get rough, we get together within our own families to tough it out. Well, there are a TON of folks who have no family. No, they're not all homeless. They may live next door to you. You just don't know them.

Today - call a neighbor just to see if they're ok. Knock on their door. Introduce yourself. Just ask. It takes 1 minute.

If they're in need, invite them over. You never know. You may make a new friend. And even if they decline, they know that someone cared.

I can't offer better vibrations than that.