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Because I Deserve It! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 8, 2014


This combo is what I call the heavy hitters of Numerology. They don't predict negativity, or trials and tribulations. They're business and self-reflection. They look within as opposed to outside. And they ask the big questions.

We'll have a few of these this month (8th, 17th, & 26th). And with 8 and 7 being the key players, we'll be asked to review

  • what we do for a living
  • how we invest our income
  • what we spend our money on
  • how is our health
  • what do we eat
  • and how do we reward ourselves? 

Like that last one? How do we reward ourselves? Let's talk about this one this week.

After having a cleaning business for years and years, let me look at a person's home and possessions and I can tell you how they feel about themselves.

You don't have to spend the income of Donald Trump to show concern for your personal welfare. You can shop at the local second-hand stores or garage sales and still reflect that you care about you. And more does not mean you really care. In fact, show me a person who is a pack rat and constantly buys, and I'll show you an unhappy individual deep down.

We can work 24/7 and sometimes people have to for a season due to outside conditions. But periodically as a reward, something of value should be purchased that doesn't fit the description, "This is the cheapest one I could find because it's better than nothing."  Maybe it's only 1 Waterford wine glass. Maybe it's a Sentsy burner that costs twice that of what you can purchase at Wal-Mart (but looks far better in construction). And even though it was purchased on eBay or second-hand, perhaps you purchase a garment that has the label of Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Versace, UnderArmour, Pendleton, or countless others of higher value.

If we do not reward ourselves in life, neither will others.  And if you work hard for the money (8), don't you deserve something of value once in awhile?

(I do not get kickbacks for any of the stores/products mentioned above. They are used for examples only).