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Do I Really Want To Work With You? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 25, 2014


Yesterday, we were considering changing our present relationships. Today, we're analyzing just how to do it. 

Relationships don't always have to be the personal one on one type. It could be a family member not living with us or even a colleague. It could be the neighbor next door, or your supervisor at work. 

Today, however, we'll be analyzing (and coming to some conclusions) just how we wish to put into practice what we've been contemplating over the past few days. There is nothing in this mix that says it's a negative; it could well be a positive!

With the 8 in the midst of it all, we might be looking at our work mates/supervisor first and wondering if we'd like to continue with this group. Or, how can we make our working situation better? 

The wheels continue to go round as we decide who we'll be progressing with through 2014.