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He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 24, 2014


On our second day of "Changes", we look at those who surround us. Are we living with people, are we living alone, or are we "living alone with others?" And more importantly, do we want our status to change?

In this month of reflection, we are taking a hard look at where we wish to be with people, places, and things. Today, those we share our lives with are under the scrutinizing eye.

If it's true change that we want, we alone have to decide the end result and the change begins with us. If living alone, do we wish to have a companion, or a spouse? Are we satisfied with our status?

If we live with others and the road is incredibly bumpy, will conversation and/or counseling be the ticket for improving the relationships?

If there is no possibility of change within a relationship unit, we choose whether to accept our lot in life or move forward. And if we accept "what is", than we have to find more happiness and value within and not from outside sources.

With two numbers of analysis in this combo today, we'll have plenty of time to think.