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How Is It Benefiting Me? Your Numerology Vibration for January 16, 2014


Together - Alone - Together - Alone
What do I want today?

The analyzing, isolated 7 is looking hard at the 6 who wishes to be surrounded by family and friends. Perhaps this is a day we'll be looking at the vibrations of yesterday, particularly if there are relationships we're wondering about.

The time we spend by ourselves may have us analyzing overtime about where we're headed in any type of relationship, whether it's personal or business. How is it benefiting us? Or is it? How could it be changed for the better or can it?

In fact, the 7 could have us rethinking and revisiting every relationship we ever had as the wheels really begin to spin.

If it gets to be a bit too busy in the thinking department, give it a rest and do something that would absolutely be a 6 - cook, bake, sew, work on a hobby, read of topic of interest (preferably not a relationships book), go out to coffee and/or have a chat with a friend. Perhaps watch a movie that's lighthearted and not terribly serious. You'll have plenty of time to come to conclusions as the 7 will return tomorrow to ask you to also analyze what you do for a living.

It's a month of major decisions for the future!