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Is It Time To Move? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2014


There's a change in the air and for most of us in the US it's centering around the home. The most obvious, the weather forecast over the next few days which will send millions of us to the stores today, making it a major shopping day in preparation. Stores will love it.

But not everyone is in a portion of the world where weather will be the "changing" factor. Change in the home can become quite normal for all of us today. With the attitude of the 6, it will most likely center around family or we'll be convinced that we're doing it "for the sake of the family." 

DIY projects could be high on your list this morning - what do you need to repair?

Perhaps you're considering selling your home or looking for another place to live. Though Sunday isn't the typical day for these transactions, a definite decision could be made today. Real Estate brochures/magazines are typically available for window shopping and online real estate sites may be busier than normal.

Whatever the change is that you'd like to see around your residence, today's vibration is a good one to get it started.