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It's A New Year - What Will You Create? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 1, 2014


I can't tell you how I spent New Year's 2005, but we're repeating those vibrations (not necessarily the identical scenarios or the exact results). You may not remember anything spectacular for that year, but it was a year of impact for me. I'll be watching to see what I've learned over the past 9 years.

With the 1/9 combination, we're celebrating New Years 2014 with an ending (9) and a beginning (1) vibration. What an appropriate combination for the start of a New Year!

I, for one, have never liked rehashing the New Year by rereading where all we have been. I was there; I don't need to reread it. But I do very much identify with the 1 vibration that gives us determination, motivation, goals, dreams, and a push to move forward. 

As a person now stepping into a 5 personal year of change, I will be celebrating that feature today by focusing on the things I want to happen. What will you focus on today?

The Astrologers tell me that whatever we feel and focus upon under this New Moon of January 1, the story will play out for the next 19 years. So I, for one, will bite....I'm spending this New Year's Day focusing happily on the goals I wish to see for the next 19 years (or for however long I live this Earth). For me, it's a day of intentions (1).