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Make It A "Colorful" Day - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 5, 2014


We're still in the mood for change. Yesterday, it was with our houses. Today, it's with the family or surroundings we have within our homes.

Some will be looking around their homes and want new colors, new designs, new fabrics - it's a time when the interior designer comes out. New themes come out as we use our imagination and if you're in the winter portion of the world, you'll probably tuck it away for Spring.

For others, it'll be about family dynamics. Depending on what has been occurring recently, today may take it up another notch. If you're in a part of the world whereby weather conditions are a challenge, this is not the time for acting out and making it that much more difficult. It's a time of banding together and not apart.

Today, if you have a choice, think color! Think design! And allow the rest to just be...