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Nurturing Oneself. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 15, 2014


With two days of back to back 5s, the pull to change is particularly strong.

Today's vibration has us looking at family and domestic pursuits. Perhaps, we're even looking at the way we are nurtured.

6 is the number of design, family, community, and the need/want to nurture and be nurtured.

If our needs are not met, we tend to pull back, feel neglected, and with the 5 in a strong category, we may even throw our hands up in the air. One of the keys to life is to learn to give to yourself what you can not find outside of yourself. And then the more challenging aspect of it is to accept it as valuable.

Appreciate the nurturing moments you give/receive today. Begin learning to provide those moments for yourself if they are not offered. And if it's more of a challenge than you wish, you'll have time to analyze it tomorrow for answers.