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Put It Into Action! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 22, 2014


Artists! It's another go around but with a bit of a twist.

Yesterday, we had the 11 motivating us to be the best that we could be. But today, in walks the Master Teacher surrounded by all its intuitive skills.

It is said that the 11 thinks up the ideas, but the 22 is the one that will take those plans and put them into action.

The 11 is in the background while the 22 gets onstage. Again, action is the keyword.

What were you designing yesterday? What were you creating? Continue the project but know that you may change it. You might even throw it out and start over because your gut feeling tells you to take a new tack. Trust your gut feelings today.

On days whereby the 22 is predominate, we may be the student, or we may be the teacher. And in most cases, we'll find we share both positions.