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Retirement? New Business? Same Old? Your Numerology Vibrations for January 9, 2014


We're going to get a number of opportunities this month to review our career and/or financial statuses. Anytime the 8 becomes a major player, it will surrounded either by the 7 or 9, making us step back and ask, "Is this what I want? Perhaps I should be looking at or beginning something else."

Today, we're doing just that again as the 9 asks us to either continue or change the present situation. Perhaps we can't just jump at the idea this moment and walk out, but we can certainly research and prepare for job seeking.

This is also a vibration whereby we're asked if we wish to join the job market. Are we happy with our present financial situation? What can we do to bring in more income?

Or do we have enough? Can we now retire? Are we at a place where we can begin to make retirement plans?

It can be a pleasant enough vibration, but the bottom line is what do you want? Tomorrow, it's going to offer you the vibration of focusing upon it.