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Screaming & Yelling - Your Numerology Vibrations for January 3, 2014


The first Master Number of the new year.

Communication - Networking - Artistry

The artist may come out in all of us today as we look at how we network with the world. Whether it's what we wear, our business cards or brochures, our verbal skills can really help us along today (11). 

Our focus should be on our highest and best good (11). Choose the interactions that will promote you towards your goals. Listen more than speak, when appropriate.

For those not in the business world, who do you need to have a conversation with? Perhaps it's a fun talk; perhaps it's a serious talk. 

Screaming & yelling is never a constructive interaction, whether we are the screamer or the other person taking on that role. But with the 11 vibration, we have the option of placing our focus on the highest and best good for ourselves and the other individual.