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Shout It From The Roof Top! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 30, 2014


Though not February, it's time to begin that 2014 goal. Simple, complex - it's your choice of goal(s). It's what you wish to see happen. And with the 11 in a dominant spot, we'll be asked to make sure it's for our highest and best good.

So today, we will announce it to the world, to someone, outside, in a meeting, over the phone - somewhere. If it's of a sensitive nature, I'd just tell the sky. Yes, the sky. It listens.

But if you're starting a new business or career (or wishing to), let everyone know. Start your advertising and networking now. And remember the lesson of the great "I AM...." which always adds a powerful punch to kick starting your goal. (I AM working as a radio personality; I AM in a relationship with a my life partner; I AM [fill in the blank]).

Like you, I also have goals for 2014, so I'm going to grab my cup of coffee, stand in the middle of the living room and just remind the Universe that I'm still on track with it. And "I AM...."